About IQware!

IQware is your solution

IQware has developed and patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending) a better way to do the two essential software tasks:

1.  Efficiently describe what you want the computer to do

2.  Quickly get the computer to do it

Doing it "the IQware way" guarantees three big advantages:
  1. The system will be secure
  2. The system will be interoperable and work with all computers, including hand-held, wireless devices (e.g., Blackberries), as well as traditional laptop/desktop machines (e.g., Linux, Apple, Windows, Sun, etc.)
  3. The system will be rule-based and so it can change on-the-fly and adapt as business conditions change.

IQware/Key Impacts

  •  Drives Real-time Innovation
  •  Eliminates Risk
  •  Reduces Costs (CAPEX/OPEX)
  •  Customer and Market Driven
  •  Accelerates Product Delivery
  •  Centrally Managed

Secure, Customizable, Rule-Based Software - "The IQware Way"

  We make secure, rule-based, interoperable, data mining, content management and delivery software.

  We have developed, patented and deployed the software platform - a "disruptive technology."

Is IQware a Platform, Tool or Application?

  IQware is all three. The rules specify what tasks IQware performs and when/how those tasks get done.

  IQware can do the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) necessary for migration from a legacy application to a new application.

  IQware can also deliver the functionality of the new application - and do it in a virus-immune, interoperable, hacker-proof way.

IQware makes secure, individually-tailored, data mining and interactive content management and delivery software. Our centrally-managed software performs data acquisition, analysis, reporting, auditing, presentation, mining and archiving functions. IQwares Master Data Management (MDM)/Business Intelligence (BI) software system translates raw data into functional information through assured, accurate interactive analysis and presentation. IQware helps convert that information into knowledge by supporting its successful application and then by managing the results. IQware provides information assurance through a variety of patented (US #7,322,028) internal, secure mechanisms.

IQware can automatically acquire and analyze data from any source, which makes IQware ideal for deployment across existing IT systems. Our products extend rather than compete with the functionality of traditional Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") systems. IQware prevents the culture shock that often accompanies typical "IT improvements." and you can KEEP your existing IT systems. Eliminate the error-prone, costly manual re-entry of critical data by using IQware's specialty software.

IQware's "Rules" Will Save you Time and Money

The capabilities and functions that IQware delivers are controlled by rules. All decisions by IQware are made at run-time not at compile time. When you change a rule, you change what IQware does right away with no programming required. This exclusive IQware capability delivers unprecedented functionality and is patented (US Patent #7,322,028, others pending).

The rule-based nature of IQwares products significantly reduces or eliminates the need for expensive custom code development. When your business processes change IQware can operationalize into your new business solution via a configuration process rather than costly error-prone and time-consuming custom programming simply by changing a rule. This patented feature gives you two advantages by greatly reducing both time-to-delivery and the total labor hours. This IQware advantage lets you compete effectively with ultra-low-cost offshore software developers by delivering better software solutions sooner and at a total lower cost and provide virus-immunity as well.

IQware is your solution

IQware's Rule-Based Software is Designed for Your Business

IQware is the answer to the question of how to deploy and maintain critical software applications in an environment of never-ending changes in operational requirements, computer platforms, and delivery mechanisms. Our patented software system solves the problem of ongoing, costly error-prone custom code development by offering a patented system that is flexible, interoperable, and displays immediate results whenever a change is made. IQware breaks the vicious, costly and error-prone software development cycle.

IQware's rule-based software makes changing your system simple. Change a rule, and you change the outcome. Since IQware is centrally managed, the results are immediate and without downtime, so changes take place automatically on all operating systems.

IQware's patented (US #7,322,028, others pending) features will keep you steps ahead of the competition:

  • IQware is hacker-proof and immune to desktop viruses (uses a DoD C2/B2 platform)
  • IQware is rule-based so it can be customized to business environment and changed on-the-fly and without programming
  • IQware is platform independent so it works with all platforms, including emerging, hand-held wireless devices

The unique value of IQware software is that it is secure, immune to desktop viruses, platform independent and rule-based. IQware's attributes are ideal for handling the extreme demands of the regulated industries.

IQware is a paradigm switch from traditional software and development.

Experience software evolution with IQware, your complete business solution.