IQware Solutions White Papers

Cyber Terrorism. What Happened to Sony and Anthem. How to Fight and Win the New War. (Why What You're Doing Now Won't Work)

This presentation was originally given as an Oracle-sponsored Webinar on March 19, 2015. This presentation covers cyber vulnerabilities, recent "casualties" (victims of hacking), current status and pending legal actions. The details of the successful "hack" and cyber extortion done on Sony Pictures is also described with special attention given to the inherent vulnerabilities of the TCP/IP protocol, the advantages that hackers have exploiting those and why net-centric defense approaches do not work and cannot be made to work. The presentation describes a brand new patented software architecture (US #7,322,028, US #8,924,928) that, when placed upon a TCB (Trusted Computing Base) per the USAF's secure system model, functions as a secure IT system. The rule-based nature of this new secure IT systems is also described along with deployment models and system integration models. The presentation concludes with three game-changing paradigm shifts in software development, software deployment and software application structure that IQware has invented. (43 pages, 28,894 KB, PDF).

You Got It. Hackers Want It. What's Your Plan? (Why What You're Doing Now Won't Work)

Confidential Personal Health data is increasingly vulnerable and represent areas of high risk to any Health Care Provider. Current protection mechanisms are inadequate as recent experience has shown. The past year has witnessed an amazing number of articles, reports, seminars and news stories about successful hacking attempts and the lack of adequate data and/or network security.

This paper covers the history of cyber security and demonstrates why current data protection mechanisms won't work. The paper concludes with an approach that does work and will protect the data assets of your organization. (54 pages, 34,150 KB, PDF).

Cyber Security Briefing. How to Fight and Win the New War and Why What We Are Doing Now Won't Work

This paper explains why common net-centric IT defense and security approaches will not work and presents practical solutions and intelligent policies that can be successful.

This paper includes the history of IT systems and security, what was learned and where mistakes were made. You will learn why we are currently vulnerable from a security standpoint, why traditional net-centric defense techniques cannot work and how IT deployment decisions made in the past significantly (and adversely) affect our "go-forward" options today. Also covered are the personnel, technical, managerial and economic issues that affect the cyber battlefield. (79 pages, 36,136 KB, PDF)

Cyber Terrorism

Dr. Belovich takes an in-depth look at the Sony hacking scandal. He covers why it happened, hacker motivations, state actors' likely roles, why current net-centric security methods cannot be made 100% effective and why they cannot prevent damage from future attacks. The presentation also describes how our IT systems need to change to win the New Cyber War. (25 pages, 19,757 KB, PDF)

IQware. A Paradigm Shift. Software Innovation for Security and Flexibility

IQware's secure and patented (US #7,322,028, #8,924,928 others pending) architecture separates the "user input piece" from the rest of the application so "malware" cannot "infect" the critical business logic and program operation. The IQware Paradigm shift: cuts costs by 5x, reduces time by 4x, is secure and flexible, and is cloud-ready. It's time to think differently! (31 pages, 3,546 KB, PDF)

Firewall Fairytales (and other scary stories)

Reviews the three basic hacking steps (footprinting, scanning, and enumeration) and why common network defense mechanisms do not (and cannot) work. Also covered are the proper approaches to medical data security and what can be done to protect it. (33 pages, 1,040 KB, PDF)

A Brief History of IT Security & Architecture

"Reader's Digest" version of the white paper above (8 pages, 215 KB, PDF).

IQware EMR Integration & Migration

Do use a legacy system? Security cannot just be "added-on;" it must be integrated with both software and hardware. This paper illustrates how IQware delivers new functionality in a secure environment and how IQware architecture integrates with existing EMR legacy systems. (10 pages, 205 KB, PDF)

IQware Architecture and Health Care Information Systems

A common healthcare IT problem ... resolved by an uncommon cure (The Right Technology at the Right Time) (15 pages, 1376 KB, PDF).

IQware's Approach to Software and IT Security Issues

A detailed review of IQware's secure platform, the necessary architectural elements for a secure system and the "Reference Monitor" concept. Discusses the limitations of anti-virus software and firewalls (9 pages, 386 KB, PDF).